Technical SEO

Make your website perform as well as it possibly can in organic search with our technical SEO services. Whatever kind of site you have, whatever it’s built in, whatever your market, our team can analyse and identify the reasons you may not be performing in search engines and work with your development teams to repair these issues. Not every website is the same. Websites can be built using a variety of content management systems written in a variety of programming languages hosted on a variety of different server architectures, but our team have worked across the full range and are able to liaise with your developers to fully optimise your website, no matter the platform.

Technical SEO Audits

Find out exactly what is holding your website back in organic search with our technical SEO audits. We examine everything from canonisation to crawl issues to ensure that your website is as technically sound as it can possibly be.

We can also offer fully integrated SEO audits, where we combine the SEO audit with every other element that can affect your performance in organic search, including content, meta data, backlinks and much more. Our integrated SEO audits incorporate over 1,000 tests, meaning you will understand absolutely everything which could be holding your website back. And we’ll also tell you how to fix it.

Our Technical SEO Process

This is the first stage of our SEO process – our experienced team examine every technical element of your site, including crawl issues, broken links, unexpected search engine exclusions and server issues to identify anything that could be stopping you performing as well as it could be.

Technical SEO is the “cream” in most SEO campaigns – search engines look for relevance of content to the search term and they look for authority in terms of relevant links or other citations.

A large number of the clients that we have worked with have relevant content and they already have a strong variety of offsite factors, but when we apply our technical SEO processes and optimise their websites, they see a huge increase in traffic and conversions.


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