SEO Strategy & Reporting

Like any other channel, SEO is nothing without a strategy. Our team perform the most in-depth keyword research, utilising their unique Keyword Framework approach, which incorporates long tail search terms, latent semantic indexing, search engine suggestions, sentiment analysis and much more, to identify the terms you should really be focusing on in order to get the greatest benefit for your business. We combine this with regular, granular reporting, which ensures that you always know exactly what’s going on with your account. We create bespoke dashboards for every account, provide weekly reports and you can speak to your SEO Director over the phone any time you like within working hours.

Our Keyword Framework Approach

In order to benefit the most from Google and Bing’s improved search suggestions, their Featured Snippets, their Answer Boxes and their other features, it is essential that your website and your content is optimised for these elements. Our Keyword Framework approach allows you to benefit from all of these search engine features and much more.

We utilise a number of leading SEO tools to identify the highest volume “Cornerstone” terms, which we build your core content around. These are the terms with the highest volume of searches and are most relevant to what you do as a business. Then we utilise our Framework approach to identify the terms which are related to your Cornerstone terms, find the best semantic variants and the longer tail searches and work with you to create relevant content targeting these terms, allowing us to capture visitors in every stage of the purchase funnel.

SEO Reporting

We get it. Reports can be boring. Who wants to look at spreadsheets full of numbers when there’s work to be done? But at the same time, you need to know what’s going on and understanding how everything’s performing.

Our SEO reporting processes bridge that gap: we create a unique online dashboard for every client so that they can see their performance at any time on any device and we also provide weekly human-generated reports, providing commentary and analysis and allowing you to truly understand how your website
is performing.


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