International SEO Services From ESV Digital

Running a business in multiple countries and continents can be challenging – believe us, we know. But search engines don’t always understand that, which is why there are a number of SEO considerations to make in order to ensure that your international websites don’t compete with each other and they all perform as well as they possibly can. Our team of SEO specialists are well versed in international SEO, having worked on a large number of clients with sites spanning the globe. Whether you are concerned about content duplication, localisation or any other element of international SEO, we can help.

International Technical SEO

A lot of international SEO considerations are technical, and they’re often the last thing your web developers will consider – they’ve got a number of localised websites to roll out, after all. Our team will work with your developers to ensure that international SEO is as high a consideration as any other element and make sure that they have everything they need to make sure your international optimisation is a success.

HREFLang Tags Through Google Tag Manager

Do you use Google Tag Manager? Brilliant. So do we. If there’s a difficulty having your development team implementing the required international SEO tags (known as HREFLang Tags), we can do it for you through Google Tag Manager as well as ensuring all other possible international search considerations are handled through the platform, meaning your developers can focus on building your websites.

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