A Client Centric Approach

ESV’s clients benefit from a minimum of 2 assigned account managers, dedicated project managers for larger multilingual clients and constant support from our senior ‘hands on’ management team. We have developed comprehensive account management processes, provide extensive regular reporting and offer full agency transparency.

Our main goal is to proactively increase your ROI and that we do by immersing ourselves in your business and working extremely hard to optimise your campaigns. Our team of Google Adwords & Bing Ads certified account managers have up-to-the-minute industry knowledge but foremost they proactively ensure the many day to day tasks are completed that lead to overall maximum ROI and sustainable campaign growth. This includes rigorous search query management which is the fundamentals of paid search but so often neglected by so many.

Analytical, Certified, Cross Trained and Multilingual Account Managers

  • Data Driven & Search Engine Certified Team

    Our team are fully search-engine certified and trained extensively by ESV

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  • Multilingual Team

    We speak over 12 native languages in-house to provide international best practice campaign management

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  • Cross Trained Team

    Our team are also trained across all biddable media so you can easily and economically activate more channels

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Multichannel Mindset

Typically the vast majority of conversions come from multiple channel interactions. Attribution modelling and leveraging the search funnel are key components of ESVs proprietary methodology alongside the activation of wider biddable media (hence a key reason why we have crossed train our team for the likes of Facebook, Twitter and programmatic display). We can also offer combined SEO/SEM management for those who wish an integrated approach to their search marketing. Many of our larger customers are also customers of Wizaly, our groups multichannel attribution platform which provides access to the most accurate algorithmic attribution model available.

Comprehensive Online & Human Reporting

We provide 24/7 online access to ESV Ad Manager so clients can view and dig into campaigns performance at any time, with the option to download a large number of predefined Excel reports, Raw Data reports or view reports in Google Data Studio dashboard format as required.

As we are extremely data driven undertaking extensive analysis is part of teams daily campaign management processes. So on top of our comprehensive automated reporting, we provide extensive human reporting & analysis that can be further customised to your needs.

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

We provide our clients regular performance reporting direct from the team managing their campaigns. For all clients we include the key analysis that underpins our decision making on a weekly basis via email. We also create a shared roadmap so clients can make the critical input on their own priorities for account growth and also understand all the opportunities at hand. When it comes to reporting we are happy to structure to our clients preferred needs be it daily, weekly, monthly. Ideally we like to meet our clients in person at least once a quarter alongside regular phone conversations and correspondence.

ESV Rich Excel & Google Data Studio Reporting

We build highly customised rich excel reports specific to each clients and users business needs so you always have the critical campaign performance data including period comparison at hand within a few clicks.

ESV’s Rich Excel reports can also be automated to your inbox, can include internal data alongside search engine performance data. We can also provide our reporting in Google Data Studio dashboards format.

100% Transparency

We provide 100% transparency which we define as human, billing, reporting and campaign level. We believe our clients should own their own search engine accounts including all data collected or analysis we undertake. We explain why we are doing each action, train our clients in the basics of paid search and how to use our platform. Clients have direct contact with any member of their team by phone or email.  


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