ESV Shopping

ESV Shopping is our agencies Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) and available in both the UK and France. After the EU anti-trust ruling in 2017, Google has had to give access to competitors in its shopping search results. We are proud to be a Google CSS Partner both in the UK and France.

Why choose ESV Shopping?

Benefit from discounted CPCs and increased visibility.
Through our wider agency expertise in feed management, campaign structure and optimisation we can help increase your ROI for sure.

ESV Shopping is free to our agency clients.
If you’re not an ESV agency client you can still utilise our CSS for a small monthly fee and access our optional agency consulting services to your needs.

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Google Shopping

With the democratisation of smart campaigns, Google Shopping has been evolving more in the past 3 years than almost all its lifespan. At ESV digital, although we have seen great results with many clients using smart campaigns, we also know that it isn’t the best solution all the time!

That is why we continued polishing our methodology around both smart & manual shopping campaigns whilst working with google as a Premium Partner on shopping ads best practices.

With the ESV Ad Manager we have the tools to work efficiently on manual shopping campaigns, leveraging different levels of automation to create Shopping ad groups / ads and never miss out on any products in your feed. If you are looking for granularity and control over your product ads we are able to do so and automatically create shopping structures, even at a product level. The key is giving each product its own Ad Group which allows negative terms to be applied with granularity, to avoid wasted investment and grow your ROI.

With limited control it can be scary to try smart shopping campaigns, however, this campaign type is getting more and more popular and for good reasons! When leveraged appropriately it can bring amazing results far superior to manual shopping campaigns (even on smart bidding). At ESV we leverage our best practice structures and analysis in order to compensate for the lesser control given by this campaign type. The key is to anticipate rather than react.

Complete your shopping activity by using ESV Shopping, our own CSS solution to provide you with better visibility in the auction. Get in contact today to learn more about ESV Shopping.

Google CSS Partner

Bing Shopping

In some markets Bing actually represents a good portion of your potential customers and, with higher average income, it is an audience you should not miss out on. With ESV Ad Manager you can easily duplicate your Google Shopping campaign structure on Microsoft Ads and thanks to our partnership with Microsoft you can access new products and betas too.



    Need a shopping feed? We can help get you a high-quality feed fast and economically.


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