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ESV built its first proprietary campaign management platform back in 2004. Over recent years the paid search environment has become much more complex in its multiplication of ad formats, bid automation techniques, access to various audiences and tracking complexities so in 2018 we built a brand new platform designed for the 2020s.

We’ve taken all the good parts of our old platform and added a few more. Importantly when search engines release new features as they tend to do constantly these days we can also release ourselves within a few days unlike the ‘off the shelf’ platforms available on the market. There is also no need to pay a % of your spend to ‘off the shelf’ platforms as the cost is included in our management fees.

ESV Ad Manager is built to deliver our best practice agency methodologies foremost, save our team time in administration for increased optimisation, provide agency transparency, comprehensive client-centric reporting and of course deliver automation based competitive advantages for the likes of Google Shopping or ESV’s Product Feed solution for Text Ad automation based on inventory.

It can be used globally for Google Ads, Google Display Network, Bing Ads and Shopping formats allowing management of campaigns in all languages, currencies and time zones. ESV Ad Manager allows mass updating across search engines using any definable metric, helping ESV to go beyond human workflow limitations and providing more time for what really counts: analysis & optimisation leading to improved ROI.

ad manager

Key Features & Benefits

  • • 24/7 online access for unlimited client users

    • Robust user security and all data owned by the client

    • Unified cross search engine management with mass update

    • Comprehensive bulk management tool via Google Sheets or Excel

    • Immediate and full bi-directional synchronisation with search engines

    • Ability to coexist with other 3rd party campaign management tools

  • • Built upon ESV’s best practice methodologies

    • Access to ESV’s inventory based campaign management tools

    • Access to ESV’s campaign health check / audit functionalities

    • Highly customisable, modern and ergonomic UI

    • 8 preconfigured performance dashboards

    • Additional customisable dashboarding for each user

  • • Business cataloging to report based on clients internal structures

    • All raw data can be exported via Excel or Google Sheets

    • Customised rich reporting in Excel or Google Data Studio format

    • Automated reports to your inbox, your partners and your teams

    • Automated business alerts to warn of performance issues or successes

    • Fast and easy to set up so we can onboard new clients quickly


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