Email Marketing & CRM

Your customer database is one of the most valuable marketing commodities your business has, but so many companies don’t use it to its full potential. From sending the same email to all contacts, to sending the messages at the wrong time or poorly-crafted subject lines, there is an art to making email work for you.

With a team of experienced digital marketers that know what works with email, to data analysts that are able to cleanse and segment your CRM data for the most effective targeting to an in-house creative team that can make your messages stand out from the pack, we have everything you need to turn your email campaigns into a success.

CRM Analysis

There is a wealth of information within your CRM – not just who buys from you, but when, what and how often they buy as well as much more.

By analysing and auditing your CRM database, our team of analysts can help you understand who your best customers are and craft a variety of multichannel strategies to engage them and people like them. Get in touch now to see how we can help you make more of your customer data.


CRM & Marketing Automation Setups

Many businesses are looking to take their first steps into marketing automation tools, going beyond just email marketing. The challenge that they have is that there are a huge number of tools out there, with varying degrees of complexity and setup time, which can cause people to hold back on doing this. At ESV Digital, we have the solution.

With experience in almost every CRM or marketing automation tool on the market, we are able to consult with your team to find the right software for you, acquire quotes and demos from the vendors and then come into your business to get the tools set up and your team trained on them. From here, we can help you with a full email and marketing automation strategy to help you really get the most out of your new software.


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