Data Analytics

Everything we do at ESV Digital is data driven right from the beginning and it stays that way throughout. We never start a project or campaign without fully understanding the market, the audience, the competitive landscape and – crucially – your business. As well as incorporating this data-driven approach into our ongoing search marketing activities, our data analytics team are available to help deliver a wide range of data implementation projects and data analysis consulting services.

  • Strategy & Insights

    Find answers to your big business questions and hidden opportunities

  • Web Analytics & Tracking

    Set-ups, repairs of Google Analytics / Tag Manager and many others

  • CRO

    Identify weak points in the conversion funnel and test ways to fix them

  • Data Visualisation

    The metrics that matter, clearly displayed via custom dashboarding

  • Email Marketing & CRM

    Implementation and management of CRM, ESPs and Personalisation

  • Attribution (Wizaly)

    Algorithmic attribution modelling to increase multi-channel ROI

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Our Approach

It all starts with a conversation. The old adage “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything” couldn’t be more accurate in many cases, which is why our team will have an in-depth conversation with you before the project begins to fully understand the challenges you are facing and select the best approach to solving them.

Whatever the project is, we make sure that we fully understand the problem before we begin developing a solution because sometimes the problem you actually have isn’t the problem you think you have. Our process ensures that we always ask the right questions, apply the right methodologies and, ultimately, provide you with the right answers.

Our Team

Our data & analytics team is compiled of mathematics experts, technical analysts, software engineers and web analytics experts with over a decade’s worth of experience.

Whatever your business questions, whatever data-related challenge you’re experiencing, the ESV Digital data analytics team can help and, with our status as an international agency with team members all around the world, no job is too big.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you.


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