November 12th, 2019 | in Agency & Digital News, Data Analytics & Strategy

Google Analytics Down – What Does This Mean?

Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Optimise were some of the tools affected by disruptions with Google's Cloud.

By Lianna Haywood - SEO Content Executive

Google Analytics Goes Down – What Does This Mean For Us?

Many of you may have experienced outages with certain Google tools yesterday morning. Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Optimise are among the platforms which experienced issues, causing disruption for marketers. These outages were a result of a major problem with Google’s Cloud Platform which was reportedly down for 1 hour and 39 minutes. Does this issue reflect a failure in the Google Analytics infrastructure? And, what does this mean for us?

Although it was only down for about an hour and a half, it still had a big impact. Issues like this can cause deadlines to be missed, daily analysis to be interrupted and overall productivity to dip.

What Caused It?

It is still unclear as to what caused the disruption as Google have stated that they are still carrying out internal investigations. The Google tools that were down include Analytics, Tag Manager and Optimise, which could highlight a flaw in the system.

The main disruption appears to just be a few tools being down. Let’s hope that this issue doesn’t cause any data outages in reports, as we saw with the Search Console bug this April. Time will tell if their tools being down has caused any other disruptions.

What Can We Take From This?

As marketers, you’ll understand how frustrating it is when an outage like this occurs. We need to be able to access these tools in order to carry out daily tasks. Working in a fast-past industry means we need reliable tools. Overall, the disruptions didn’t last too long, so shouldn’t impact us too much – unless any data is lost. We’ll keep an eye out for any further updates.

Did you experience any issues with Google Analytics tools yesterday? Tweet us with your thoughts.


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