This Keyword Scanner lets you paste a set of keywords and tell you if there seems to be at least one of the UK/US city, town, state, country, a day or a month. You can also search for custom terms. If a keyword has more than one, like a city and month, it’ll say so.

Another tab lets you paste your keyword list, and then paste or type in a custom list of terms you want to find – the examples here are often qualifying terms – so you can gather the most common themes of keywords to help you decide on an account structure (ad group themes etc.). As a bonus, you get a count of the number of words in each keyword phrase.

It is built for 1,000 keywords at a time right now but you can extend this by copying the formula down to the number of keywords you have. You can search for up to 6 terms.

One great scenario for this tool is to find irrelevant searches from search queries so you can exclude them – e.g. “second hand” and “used” if you sell only new items. But there are quite a few uses to which this tool can be put.

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