Online commerce is soaring as digital technologies change the way we live and work. By 2019, worldwide online retail sales are expected to more than double to reach $3.6 trillion with 600 million new e-customers that will make at least one purchase per year through a digital channel.
Online channels are critical and e-commerce platforms have become a strategic growth enabler. However, with a growing number of platforms available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which solution best fits a company’s needs. The overall quality, agility and performance of an e-commerce website have a significant impact on a company’s ecosystem, making the selection of an e-commerce platform an important decision.
Reliable assessments, reviews and benchmarks of e-commerce platforms remain hard to find. This whitepaper has been developed by the consulting team of ESV Digital in partnership with NBS System to
help decision makers choose the best e-commerce platform to support their business needs, whether they are a retailer, brand, pure player or B2B player.

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