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Supplying the Tools for PPC Success

ESV Digital boosted revenue and ROI for a tool and equipment supplier, beating targets and becoming more profitable.


Mad4Tools are an online retailer specialising in tools and equipment, offering a selection of over 10,000 products. They deliver thousands of parcels to DIY enthusiasts, handymen and tradesmen all over the UK, EU and the world, backed up with good old-fashioned customer service.

“ESV Digital is making us more money, and more
importantly, making us more profitable as well”.

Paul Swain – Director


Mad4Tools offer a selection of more than 10,000 products. ESV Digital had to completely restructure their shopping campaigns, creating a granular structure which increases visibility of all products, whilst also improving efficiency of spend and maximising revenue. We also created a whole new search ads strategy, allowing us to further capitalise on missed
revenue opportunities.


A new structure was put in place based around previous, top-performing search terms. In this case branded terms i.e. “Scruffs work trousers”, “Elite gas heaters” etc. saw the highest CR and ROI. ESV created a tiered shopping structure where we isolated these search terms and increased bids and budgets to maximise impression share compared to lower quality
search terms.

The ESV Digital Platform made this process simple with its ability to automate the process of creating shopping campaigns, ad groups and product groups, allowing us to control traffic and optimise performance right down to product level.

Additionally, we created a new search ads strategy for brand and non-brand campaigns. Implementing brand campaigns generated large amounts of revenue at a low CPC and a high ROI. Therefore, protecting ourselves from competitors whilst also giving us room to increase spend in non-brand search ads and keeping ROI on target.

Our non-brand strategy centred around using dynamic search ads, allowing us to produce customised ads for high-quality traffic on all products in the Mad4Tools catalogue.

Finally, within eight months, the cost of sales from our campaigns has reduced by 13%, delivering a significant improvement to the bottom line for Mad4Tools.


After the changes were implemented, ESV Digital managed to lift the Conversion Rate by 62%, Revenue by 47% and ROI by 15% YoY. Date Range: January – June (H1) YoY (2017-2018).

Check the improvements in KPIs:




Sandals – PPC

A Caribbean luxury travel operator increases conversion rate by 45% and revenue by 26% with ESV Digital.

Tiffany Rose – PPC

ESV Digital helps a British maternity wear retailer to expand internationally.

MDHearingAid – PPC

An affordable hearing aid manufacturer lifts sales by 80% within 6 weeks by partnering with ESV Digital.

Conforama – PPC

ESV’s launch of the first Local Inventory Ad (LIA) campaign for Conforama, which improved performance both online and in-store.

Vertbaudet – PPC

A strategy of increase in mobile investments enabled a boost in visibility for the Vertbaudet offer and the capture of an incremental volume of new customers.

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