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Stop GDN Waste!

How to get control of costs

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a continuously growing and changing beast, much like the Google Search Network, and it is very easy to be spending too much or suffering from too little efficiency. Here’s how to take control of how your GDN investment is spent with a bias towards making more efficient conversions.

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7 “Hidden” SEM Problems

Even if it's Profitable!

Your PPC account has been running for some time and you’re making a profit OK, but it’s always worth asking yourself if everything is really set up in such a way that there isn’t a significant efficiency leak.
We’ll lay out here how to check for some common, but easily missed causes for an account to secretly have much less efficiency that you have potential to actually achieve.

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Be Careful With New

Adwords Device Bid Modifiers

With Google’s Device Bid Modifier rolling out recently, you can now adjust bids for individual devices in Adwords. Previously, you could only have a set bid for Desktop and Tablets, then use a percentage of bid modifier for smartphones. Perhaps most importantly, tablet is no longer in the same category as desktop.

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