Online Branding

The real challenge for Today’s Marketing Manager…
…How can you apply creativity to a rigidly ‘ROIst’ online world?

Pay per click, online auctions, real-data demographic targeting, automated bidding rules, algorithmic forecasting, multi channel attribution, the innovation continues whilst the job of today’s Marketing Manager becomes more and more objective, pragmatic and investment decision based.

ESV’s roots were founded on biddable media and data analytics, so we’ve embraced a performance based approach in our DNA, but at the same time we want our clients to possess a diverse and flexible traffic portfolio (never ending media budgets are not a solution for most businesses), that’s why ESV helps its clients to diversify their budgets focusing on an often forgotten core asset> Your Brand!

Building an Online Brand starts onsite, where a combined strategy of SEO, Social Media, Brand Activation and Online Content needs to be fully integrated within a communications plan that sets out to achieve REAL Organic Awareness Growth.

Our expertise

Brand Activation

In an online world that is now more focused on visibility rather than creativity there is an opportunity for companies to take a step back and ask the question “How can I build a brand without having to shout out the loudest?” Using a mixture of performance marketing techniques, award winning designers and an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach, ESV provide clients with creative solutions that allow companies to tell their online story.

Customer orientated design to drive increased performance

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Natural Search, the organic way to grow your business… SEO is not dead! Natural Search sales continue to form the largest revenue source for the most successful online businesses. The game has changed but for the better and at ESV we are helping clients to build Search Optimised websites, that form the basis of a clear IMC plan that in turn strengthens brand identity and improves social media virality.

Social Media
and Community Management

Tell your story and build your Brand Identity… ESV believes in defining 3 core facets to community management:

1) Using social networks to leverage onsite Brand Communications
2) Managing Customer requests, reviews and complaints
3) Ensuring that social drives more traffic and sales onsite

More importantly community management has to be fully integrated (technology & management wise) with the SEO, Performance Marketing and Branding teams. ESV wants our clients to avoid that silo and ensure that the brand viewed on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on…. is the brand that allows a business to grow on sound foundations and not just a social façade.

Website Design and Creative Content

Website Design and Creative Content – With a clear defined Brand, Objective and Creative Brief, ESV can help clients to build websites that follow:

• SEO best practices,
• without compromising design or customer aspiration,
• and that put in place creative hooks that permit a unique and high frequency content plan

ESV’s creative design team can also complement an integrated online design strategy that can help drive effective display, social media campaigns or other channels’ creative content.

Due to our integrated marketing approach we accompany clients with performance based branding, acquisition and retention strategies

Our clients