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Our ideal combination of best practice methodologies, proprietary technologies and account management expertise enables ESV to manage successful multi-channel marketing programs for some of the most recognised brands in the world. And if you are not one of those brands today, our goal is to help you become a market leader as we have helped numerous clients achieve over the years.

Additional to Adwords campaigns managed in English we have become experts in international growth and optimisation. Our team includes native speakers of over 12 languages in total, including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian. We have helped many clients with the first steps of international paid search and ongoing cross market management thereafter.

Our PPC account managers are cross channel trained for wider biddable media so clients benefit from the same team managing Paid Social (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), Performance Display (Prospecting & Remarketing), Video Advertising (YouTube) and Native Ads (Yahoo Gemini, Taboola, Outbrain) with best practice methodologies constantly being refined for each channel or platform.

Moreover, if you opt for our pioneering Multichannel Attribution platform then you will not only have highly successful biddable media campaigns but they will be algorithmically optimised to the wider user journey across devices which will put you at the forefront of today’s digital marketing best practices.

Our expertise

Paid Search

Paid search is our historic expertise, our ‘bread and butter’. We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by providing a combination of data driven expertise and our own advanced proprietary technologies.

Our best in class bid management platform with its comprehensive technology features, including highly advanced tracking (EasyTrack) allows us to automate many aspects of campaign optimisation and deployment to drive competitive advantages leading to increased ROI for our clients. Our platform is comprehensive in its features (required to be global API partners with Google, Bing and Yahoo) and is also the most customisable solution available (often licensed in-house to what we call our ‘hybrid clients’).

We combine this technology with a proven best practice methodology which we stick to rigorously, applying it to any industry including retail, finance, travel, lead generation, and more. We are not lazy in our approach, we build campaigns out to be granularly structured inline with best practice and optimise them every day. We work with your marketing team as an extension of your business and we offer complete transparency of data and reporting – nothing is held back from clients.

In addition, we have beta tester status with Google and Bing, allowing our clients to access advertising formats and features in the testing phase. All our account managers are Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified, some of which are regularly invited to write as thought leaders in the specialised press. We are Premier Google Partners, one of few Select Bing Ads Partners and have Yahoo Preferred Partner status.

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Even on mature paid search accounts our expertise, technology and methodology has typically enabled ESV to improve ROI by 20% to 50% over the first 6 months with increased conversions and lower costs ...

Paid Search Methodology

Our best practice methodology has been developed and refined over the years to help us attain maximum ROI. The key steps are:

Expand & Control – Target the Right Keywords using the Right Match Types
Optimize Quality Score – Maximize your CTR to Minimize your CPC (including setting ongoing ad copy a/b testing)
Silo’ing – Mitigate intra account cannibalization (basically structuring to avoid investment wastage – sorry about the PPC lingo)
Maximize Impression Share – Maximize your Visibility for your Best Performing Keywords
Optimize Conversion Rate – Determine the Best Performing Landing Pages
Leverage the Search Funnel – Optimize the Whole Buying Cycle
Automate Traffic Keyword Bids – Make Informed Bid Decisions thanks to Multiple Levels of Stat Aggregation
Identify Incremental Revenue Opportunity – Keep Testing New Features/Keywords/Categories

ESV’s PPC methodology maximises traffic/bid control to ensure a majority bias towards the efficiencies of exact match traffic to remove wasted investment (with expanded match types open for ongoing data mining and rigorous search query management undertaken), nurtures the customer path to purchase, provides systematic ad copy evolution and delivers ongoing account growth with controllable ROI.

Considering the wider picture ESV’s methodology includes proven strategies for brand keyword management, international campaign management, sales periods, best practice shopping, keyword portfolio management and attribution.


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We're only able to implement a granular best practice methodology thanks to our continuous investment in our paid search platform ...

Paid Search Platform

Our platform is the ‘F1 car’ of PPC bid/campaign management platforms compared to ‘off the shelf’ solutions and provides many competitive advantages to our clients. The platform is built to deliver our agency methodology foremost, provides transparent client centric reporting and includes a highly flexible advanced proprietary tracking solution (EasyTrack).

The platform is the most customisable solution available on the market and is fully comprehensive in its features. For example inventory based product feed text campaigns, granular structured shopping campaigns, flexible rules based bidding beyond black box modelling, conversion path analysis and client centric catalogue management (so our reporting is matched to the way you run your business) to name a few features of many.

The platform is global API partners with Google Search, Google Display Network, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini allowing management of campaigns in all languages, currencies and time zones. The platform allows mass updating across search engines using any definable metric, helping ESV to go beyond human workflow limitations and providing more time for what really counts: Analysis & Optimisation leading to improved ROI.


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Product Feed Campaigns

Our product feed is a proven flexible solution applicable across many industry verticals such as comparison shopping, finance, airlines, holiday providers and obviously for retailers. At ESV we understand how much work can go into creating long tail campaigns across search engines, keywords and ads for search so we created our own in-house product feed solution to automate text ads campaigns based on our clients inventory to go far beyond human workflow limitations. ESV’s product feed campaigns allow you to have your own inventory specific messaging such as the Price or Product title in Ads (benefit is higher CTR/Quality Score), can be used to generate new keywords and can be used to pause/activate based on stock status (or other business KPI’s such as profitability).

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Google Shopping
& Bing Shopping

At ESV we understand how complicated managing search can be, so when Google and Bing invented their shopping products we further developed our own technology. This allows our clients to have granularly structured campaigns that overcome search engine limitations, reprocess feeds, mass update bids and automate campaign creation across search engines on an international scale. With shopping becoming a more competitive auction everyday and important source of traffic to retailers you will be in safe hands to achieve the maximum ROI with our award winning solution.

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Customer Service

ESV’s clients benefit from a minimum of 2 assigned account managers per client, dedicated project managers for larger investing clients and regular support from our senior ‘hands on’ management team. We have developed comprehensive account management processes, provide extensive client-centric reporting, offer a high degree of agency transparency and provide regular business reviews.

Our main goal is to proactively increase your ROI and that we do by immersing ourselves in your business and working extremely hard to optimise your campaigns. Our team of Google Adwords & Bing Ads certified account managers have up-to-the-minute industry knowledge but foremost they proactively ensure the many day to day tasks are completed that leads to overall maximum ROI and sustainable campaign growth.

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International Management

Despite, the numeric and pragmatic ROI approach to Paid Search management you still need local market insight, then personal touches and a knowledge of the ins and the outs of the lingo. Without native speakers how can you really understand what’s going on with a campaign’s search query reports? or How can you make your ad stand out from the crowd?  Google Translate or outsourcing to expensive translation agencies is not the answer. That’s why at ESV we hire native speakers covering 12 languages to ensure that you can diversify your market growth efficiently, limit wasted investment and communicate with your customers like you were a local.

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Hybrid Management

Our comprehensive and highly customisable platform can be licensed to what we call ‘hybrid clients’ who are partially managing their Paid Search campaigns in-house through the ESV Platform with differing levels of agency support provided by our PPC experts. At the start of a relationship we typically take over full service for the first few months so we can do the hard work in structuring your campaigns for best practice. Then we will train your teams how to use the platform before smoothly transferring campaign management step by step in-house. Once in-house on top of the technical support we can provide holiday cover, extra resources on demand, share campaign management by market to leverage our international native speakers, undertake account analysis & recommendations and we are always close enough to take over full service either temporary or permanently as required.

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Easily diversify your paid channel mix outside of text search ads with ESV ...

Paid Social

We are experts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest advertising. As a performance driven agency our primarily goal is ROI or measurable results so we treat Paid Social as much alike Paid Search as we possibly can by applying our data driven approaches, and constantly refining smart methodologies for each social network. In our view what sets Paid Social apart is the ability to use a vast array of targeting options (geo, demographic, interest, device) that can be leveraged to reach your audiences in the scale aligned with the growing number of Paid Social users. Alongside an ever growing number of ad formats and types Paid Social can provide marketers true value for both acquisition and retention campaigns.

Programmatic Display

We manage display campaigns from branding, visibility and prospecting campaigns, to retargeting. We cover the entire spectrum of programmatic display bidding, including mobile and video formats. Targeted media plans can be provided based on demographic, geographic or behavioral needs. We are fully transparent with your campaign data, performance focused and charge our clients fairly so objectives are aligned. Our Multichannel Attribution platform provides clients with display ad viewability measurement (ensuring you know when charged ads are actually seen) and post view tracking (to optimise campaigns based on the fractional value in the wider user journey).

Native Advertising

Native advertising networks are relative newcomers to the party for online marketers and are a mixture between content marketing and biddable media. By applying our expertise in wider biddable media, content marketing, use of our Multichannel Attribution platform and data driven native language speaking team we have the ability to help our clients master this relative new channel in scale for ROI or measurable results. We are API partners through our Paid Search platform with Yahoo Gemini and also work with the likes of Outbrain, Ligatus, Taboola to name a few of many.

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