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ESV’s Multichannel Attribution platform has been developed around our proprietary algorithmic attribution model which is the most advanced available on the market. We collect ad, user and site centric data so our real data driven algorithm can calculate the true performance of your media mix without the bias (or presumptions) of predefined models. ESV’s algorithmic attribution model considers far more than the channel path like most attribution vendors. It includes all the fractional user level data granularity required for accurate decision making such as the channel or source, time lag, path length, user engagement, device, domain and the click or impression. It is the ultimate accurate personalised attribution model based 100% on your data and constantly evolves with specificities of your media mix or market.

Through our highly ergonomic, customisable and comprehensive UI marketers can at last have a real time decision making tool which leverages all their big data to provide actionable insights to help optimise their marketing efforts for increased ROI.

Our solution is also one of most cost effective solutions available to marketers and we have developed the set up process to be quick & easy.

Here at ESV we are not just a technology company so we can provide flexible levels of support suitable for any customers needs from a SaaS only relationship to a fully managed data analysis & optimisation recommendations service leveraging our wider operational expertise including conversion rate optimisation and web analytics.

Our expertise

Why Algorithmic Attribution?

Only Algorithmic models can perform reliably… Gone are the days where you stop and wonder if that Display Campaign, Affiliate or that top position on a Google Generic Keyword really did improve your brand visibility that eventually returned an ROI… ESV’s Multichannel Attribution solution provides the online manager with daily automated attribution insights across all their online channels (i.e. Direct, SEO, Email, Affiliates, Display, SEM, Paid Social, Re-targeting, Comparison, Referrals). Our cutting edge in-house algorithmic multichannel attribution software, goes far further than the last click, first click, and even fixed distributed models avoiding inherent limitations of the bias models.

ESV Multichannel Attribution platform attributes conversions and revenue by taking all of your website’s touch points and engagement data, phone calls to your business, offline marketing and offline sales into account across devices. Even view-through impact can be measured, thus giving you more precise insights into the efficiency of your display campaigns. Cross-device analysis and reconciliation of online – offline paths can be done in many cases. For Paid Search this granular algorithmic performance data can be automatically linked to ESV’s Paid Search platform or data downloaded for 3rd party platforms thus used for keyword/campaign bid optimisation inline with the fractional influence in the wider user journey.

ESV Multichannel Attribution Platform

The ESV platform UI is grouped around 6 core functionalities:

Dashboards: Each user can build their own bespoke dashboards from our 100’s of predefined widgets, KPI’s and views.
Analysis: Predefined storyboards allows those important daily business decisions to be quickly justified and analysed.
Reporting: Gain full access to your big data in raw excel format or through numerous automated predefined rich excel reports.
Alerts: Set business alerts to celebrate ROI successes or provide warnings on critical performance issues.
Integrations: Automated cost file importing, offline conversion data imports and linking to DMP’s or other similar platforms.
EasyTrack: As expanded below, one off tagging which respects user privacy laws and makes the IT bit easy.

Moving from last click to our unbiased algorithmic attribution has typically helped our clients increase ROI by over 20% YonY


It’s in the name, ESV’s EasyTrack solution simplifies tracking and the tag setup for both you and your IT team, our only requirement is the one off installation of the tag across your site (can be added within a container tag). Once installed, the EasyTrack tag can be tested and modified by our tracking team internally removing any further resource requirements from your IT team and moreover ensuring quick fixes that are always needed along the road. Further advantages of EasyTrack include the capability to encompass cross-domain tracking, custom cookie durations, custom conversion indictors to fit any business (i.e. email, calls, lead, sale, rebooking) and custom parameters retrieval.

Flexible Levels of Support

On top of the software license which includes managed set-up, technical support, basic training and monthly maintenance we provide flexible levels of support to suit any organisation or users requirements. Additional support can range from advanced training, advanced platform maintenance, bespoke developments and data analyses packages with expert recommendations through leveraging our wider operational expertise. Our data analysts have a deep understanding of online acquisition strategies and are specifically trained in the analysis of multichannel big data. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ software vendors we can assist our customers in all stages of the attribution marketing process, from the set-up to conducting data analysis in order to define those key optimisation opportunities that ultimately leads to increased multichannel ROI.

Cross Device Attribution

The new Holy Grail to Online Marketing…. The platform provides marketers full insight into the interaction between devices, their channels and campaign breakdowns, allowing granular optimisation that takes in the full effect of pushing desktop vs mobile or vice versa. Using a combination of IP and 1st party data the algorithm will create in our opinion one of the most reliable sources for cross-device multichannel optimization.

Post View Tracking

Not only does ESV’s Multichannel platform algorithmically attribute onsite data and media clicks, it integrates IAB display performance criteria to interpret the TRUE effect of post impressions on your conversion path. Using parameters such as viewability, CTR and interaction rates, the platform can also allows marketers to better manage their display campaigns and ensure that display publishers provide true value, rather than non-viewable impressions.

Web Analytics and CRO

Using a combination of creativity, web analytics and best-in-class a/b testing tools, ESV works with its clients to build comprehensive onsite testing plans. Our approach prioritises those areas of the website that have the greatest incremental conversion impact to ensure each test has real value. More importantly ESV look at the makeup of inbound traffic (channel & campaign breakdown), the customer segmentation and needs to understand how better conversion paths or even new pages could make your overall media mix work better for you.

ESV’s team are experts in the likes of Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture and we regularly undertake wider web analytics projects and media audits leveraging our many channel specialists (CRM, Email, SEO, SEM, Social, Display etc..).

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